Parrot Crossbill. Diever – The Netherlands

Middle Spotted Woodpecker. Veenklooster – The Netherlands

Kingfisher: a frog is also welcome!

Western Great Egret -Ardea alba- since the 80s of the last century breeding bird in the Netherlands. Birds from the Auken, next to Steenwijk, are regularly seen in the area of Havelterzand.

Greylag Goose -Anser anser- in the Netherlands: rare 40 years ago, now generally present.

Jette Klijnsma, King’s Commissioner, happy with photo book HAVELTERZAND.

Eurasian Goldfinch -Carduelis carduelis- knows how to find the seeds of Common Eveningprimrose!

Warm greetings for the end of 2017 and a healthy and valuable 2018 desirable.

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The Netherlands, inland lake: Lauwersmeer

Dunlin – Calidris alpina. Remarkably, see 2nd photo: the motility of the upper beak, called distal rhynchokinese.