Dunlin – Calidris alpina. Remarkably, see 2nd photo: the motility of the upper beak, called distal rhynchokinese.

Black tern – Chlidonias niger.

Common Snipe -Gallinago gallinago.


Wadden outside the dykes, natural and colorful zoning and nice details.

Interview with the theme SAND in the yearbook of Drenthe in 2017.


Lecture PERU, December 21, 2015 Steenwijk Nature Association “The Noordwesthoek”

Honorary membership for founder 60 years of nature association.

201502160028aKNNV Nature Association The Northwesthoek in Steenwijk celebrated its 60th anniversary last year. The founder of Machiel de Vos (79) from Havelte received the honorary membership on Monday evening 16 February 2015 at the annual meeting. The Vos still active in many nature working groups received the honorary membership because of his involvement and commitment to the Noordwesthoek. Working on awareness, of the wealth that nature gives humanity is a passion that nature photographer Machiel de Vos expresses heartily. He has put many publications in many magazines, magazines on calendars and in books on his name for over 25 years. Also, his photo books, Utrecht and the Havelterzand, published in 2014, show the wide interest and knowledge he takes to photograph nature and to inspire others.

“Art with a big A”, participation with “Nature-art”.

“Art with a big K”, under this title has the Historel Vereniging Havelte et al. from 8 to 22 November 2014 an exhibition organized in the former town hall on the Boskampsbrugweg in Havelte. Open Saturdays from 10:00 to 16:00. Otherwise Monday at Friday 11.00 to 13.00. Participation of me with 8 photos “Nature-art”, exhibition without glass, in special lists 75x55cm. The photo book HAVELTERZAND is also available for inspection and purchase.

Machiel amazes and admires

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Europea Starlings twittering for centuries

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