Kingfisher: a frog is also welcome!

Western Great Egret -Ardea alba- since the 80s of the last century breeding bird in the Netherlands. Birds from the Auken, next to Steenwijk, are regularly seen in the area of Havelterzand.

Jette Klijnsma, King’s Commissioner, happy with photo book HAVELTERZAND.

Eurasian Goldfinch -Carduelis carduelis- knows how to find the seeds of Common Eveningprimrose!

The Netherlands, inland lake: Lauwersmeer

Dunlin – Calidris alpina. Remarkably, see 2nd photo: the motility of the upper beak, called distal rhynchokinese.

Common Snipe -Gallinago gallinago.


Wadden outside the dykes, natural and colorful zoning and nice details.

Interview with the theme SAND in the yearbook of Drenthe in 2017.


Lecture PERU, December 21, 2015 Steenwijk Nature Association “The Noordwesthoek”