Machiel de Vos (1936) has worked as a freelance nature photographer since1984, and now lives in Havelte, The Netherlands. He grew up in the north of the Overijssel region, an area of varied natural scenery, which is primarily made up of water, meadow and heathland. Perhaps this early background was to later formulate the basis of such a mixture in his nature photography.
“By observing both interesting animal behaviour amidst a wide variety of species, along with the many beautiful colours and forms in landscapes, flowers, insects and mushrooms, I developed a need to share the beauty of nature with other people” states Machiel.
The medium of photography is, for him, a splendid way to let people discover what is both “close and far away” in nature. He comments, “Maybe as a result, we gain more awareness of our carelessness in terms of the nature which is entrusted to us”. Indeed, respect for the creation of nature is an important issue for him, an attitude clearly reflected in his conduct as a nature photographer. This idea is reiterated by the ‘nature photographers-corporation’, of which he is a member, where nature-maintenance forms the basis of how its members should operate whilst working in their field.
Although he is a nature photographer, a broader interest also becomes apparent in his work, both in terms of the animal world and also in the many different aspects of the landscapes he captures, for in both cases he clearly knows how to ‘catch the silence’.
He is certainly not merely a ‘bird photographer’, for his photos also reflect the wider surroundings in great detail, through both refined compositions and beautiful contrasts. Likewise, it is with much patience that his work captures plants and insects perfectly in their correct lighting.
Although ‘closeness’ is one of the most significant aspects of his work, he has also taken a lot of photographs whilst on foreign travels. This desire was initially fulfilled in 1985, when he visited the Galapagos Islands. Since then he and his wife have travelled to many further places around the world including Antarctica, Australia, The Azores, Madagascar, Mexico, Mongolia, Namibia, Nepal, Saint Georgia, Scandinavia, Spitsbergen, Sudan, Surinam and Thailand.
Form and colour in landscapes, and the details of this have been photographed by Machiel in a particular manner under the heading “Nature-Art”, to create a collection of unique pictures which have been shown at various exhibitions.

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